Sander Boon

Sander Boon, political scientist, graduated from the University of Amsterdam, specializing in International Relations. After his studies, he worked for a number of years as a scientific collaborator at think tanks and as an independent political advisor.

Sander is a passionate political-economic and monetary analyst who looks further and deeper, often discovering hidden connections. This gives him a unique perspective on social, political-economic and monetary trends and developments. Sander’s specialties include: history, political economics, monetary systems, financial markets and their mutual interaction.

From 2012 to 2018 Sander was chief economist and managing partner at a Fintech company, an innovative software developer specialized in calculating macro-economic scenarios on investment portfolios of institutional investors. For this purpose, he applied behavioral economics and trend analysis and scenario development models for financial markets.

Sander regularly gives presentations and often publishes in various media. He also supports an online interview platform, Cafe Weltschmerz, for which he interviews experts and regularly acts as an expert himself.

Sander has also worked on bestsellers ‘Als de dollar valt’ (2007) and ‘Overleef de kredietcrisis’ (2009). In 2012 he published his book ‘De geldbubbel’ (The Money Bubble) on developments in the international money system, the banking sector and the political economy over the past hundred years. The main theme is the increasing entanglement between the political and financial system, which led to an accumulation of financial risks and ultimately the credit crisis of 2007-2008. In 2020, a new, completely updated edition of The Money Bubble will appear.

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