Russian general staff warns of attack on Syria

In a little more than two weeks, different warnings have been issued from Russia to NATO and the Unitd States. The first two were from the Russian president Putin and general Gerasimov, the Russian chief of staff. These warnings were unequivocal and boiled down to the fact that Russia has new state-of-the-art weapons which defies the current NATO missile defense system.

Furthermore, the allies were also protected against attacks by announcing retaliation. Gerasimov stated that in a subsequent attack on Syria by NATO and/or the US, there will be a reaction against ships, missiles and aircraft as soon as Russian personnelis under attack.

US Navy prepared attack on Syria?

The statement by General Rudskoj, chief of operations of the general staff, that there is strong evidence of a possible large-scale American attack on Syria, and in particular on governmental institutions in Damascus, fits into the series of warnings.

The Russian General Staff notes that the US navy has formed strike groups in the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea and the eastern part of the Mediterranean. They will use impending gas attacks in Syria as a reason for a large-scale attack, according to General Rudskoj. He also provided specific data about these gas attacks.

He also assumed that actions would be taken from the American base Al Tanf at the Jordanian border with Syria. Putting everything together, this looks like there is full preparation taking place for a large-scale attack, according to the Russian general staff and according to their current estimate of the situation in the region.

Rocket ships and landing ships

The buildup of NATO navy forces includes not only nine missile vessels but also ships for amphibious landings and support vessels for these landings (four in total). These are part of the strike group that is located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. An option is therefore left open for landings on the Syrian coast. On the Russian side there is a less numerous but comparable structure in place. The three Russian submarines also fit into this.

Against the background of the high tensions between the West and Russia over the poisoning incident in England, in which the UK government now directs the Russian president Putin directly as guilty, there is now an explosive mix of tension in different fields. A large-scale US attack on Syria can lead to a direct armed conflict between the US and Russia. Such a conflict will then not be limited to Syria.

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