Putin: ‘We can offer Europe security’

Europe doesn’t have to rely on the United States to guarantee it’s security, according to the Russian president Vladimir Putin. At the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, he told the French leader Emmanuel Macron that Russia stands ready to guarantee security in Europe.

Of course we can not be satisfied with the level and the nature of the Russian-American relations. We are ready for this dialogue. Mr. Trump suggested a separate meeting. Well, so far it didn’t work out for us. Many problems arise. However, we are ready to conduct this substantial dialogue. I think it is about time to have it in so many ways and directions.

Donald expressed his concerns about a new arms race. I fully agree. Steps we are considering on North Korean and Iranian issues, they are not helping out to get us closer, but this is also an occasion for us to discuss these issues.

Emmanuel told us that between Europe and the US there is a reciprocity. Europe is dependent on the United States in the security sphere. But this is not a reason to worry, we will help you out. To ensure your security.

In any case, everything that depends on us, we will make sure that there a re no new threats. It seems to me there’s need to think in this direction.

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