Mission statement

Our vision is that the world is currently in a major transition phase, which will bring radical changes to existing economic, social, political and geopolitical structures. We see a dysfunctional monetary system in which central banks are becoming less and less effective. For the first time, central banks throughout the Western world have begun to buy government bonds on a large scale, a monetary experiment that is unprecedented throughout history.

We also see that several central banks are expanding their gold reserves or start repatriating a substantial amount of gold to their own country. These movements of gold are the result of an extensive analysis of different scenarios. We also see that more and more countries trying to reduce their dependence on the dollar system by trading in different currencies and by setting up their own payment systems. This is a clear trend, which can easily be explained from the perspective of a multipolar world.

Not only in the monetary field we see these major changes, also in the geopolitical arena. Whereas until recently the United States was the only real superpower in the world, now that power is challenged on several levels by new power blocks. From an economic point of view, China seems to take over the initiative of the United States, while Russia has shown its muscles in the military field with regard to Ukraine and Syria.

Towards a multipolar world

We are witnessing the transition from a unipolar to a multipolar world, a process that is accompanied by great tensions. In geopolitical terms we see this mainly in the Middle East, but also on the border between Europe and Russia. In the economic field, we also see a transition in which China has taken the lead with large-scale investments in new Eurasian trade routes and their plans to pay for oil in its own currency.

Several obstacles are raised in the search for a new balance of power. Consider the emergence of terrorist organizations in certain areas of strategic importance, an increase in economic sanctions and the manipulation of information flows in regular news channels and on social media.

The mission of Geotrendlines is to analyze these trends and place them in a larger perspective, without having any interest in a particular outcome. If you support this initiative, subscribe to our newsletter and share our articles.

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