Macron declares NATO brain dead

The French President, Emmanuel Macron declared NATO brain dead because there is no longer effective coordination within the military alliance. A strategic and political problem has arisen, which makes policy ineffective and ambiguous. For example, the US sees the alliance as a commercial project, while Turkey itself has started an operation in Syria.

According to the French President, Europe can no longer rely on the United States to defend NATO member states. That is why Europe must take matters into its own hands and see itself as a geopolitical power factor. If Europe does not take initiative, we will no longer be able to control our destiny.

Disunity within NATO?

Macron made these striking statements two weeks ago in an interview with the British magazine Economist. The fact that the French President is in favor of a European army was already known, but he has never been so critical of NATO.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel distanced herself from Macron’s strong statement, while the new German Defense Minister recently proposed a European mission to Syria. Last year, Merkel also argued in favor of a European army. Perhaps the two countries are less divided than might appear at first sight.

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