French police will partially strike on Saturday

The French police announced a partial strike on Saturday 8 December. That is what we read in a lettre from the police union VIGI addressed to the French Minister of Home Affairs. According to the document the police wants to show solidarity with the people, because they support some of the statements made by the ‘yellow vests’. In this lettre, the police also requested more money from the government in order to fulfill its duties properly.

The announced strike relates only to administrative staff, technical support and catering. Nevertheless, the letter also addresses all police officers who will take to the streets in the coming days. Agents who are exhausted or no longer feel safe may temporarily resign their work.

Policemen join the opposition

In recent days, a number of videos of police officers showing solidarity with the demonstrators were published on social media. We saw policemen putting on a yellow jacket and putting off their helmets. The video below shows police officers who drop their helmets under loud applause. The second video shows some action footage from the perspective of the police attempting to retake the Arc de Triomphe.

Franse politievakbond kondigt staking aan

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