France also placing military personnel in Syria

According to the Turkish news agency Anadolu Agency, France has deployed more than 70 specialized military personnel across five different locations in the north of Syria. The French soldiers in this area cooperate with the Kurdish fighters of YPG / PKK, just like the Americans who are already present in this area.

The French president announced last week that France could send more troops to Syria to support the American coalition there. The US military has previously stationed in northern Syria, where they support the Kurds.

Turkey versus international coalition in Syria

Due to these developments, tensions between Turkey and its NATO allies France and the United States are increasing. The Turkish president Erdogan sees the Western support to the Kurds as a threat to the territorial integrity of his country and has therefore started a preventive military operation in the north of Syria.

The French Prime Minister said that he intends not to deviate from the goals of the international coalition led by the United States, unless, according to him, more military action is needed to combat Islamic State. He condemned the Turkish invasion and called the advance of the Turkish army towards Manbij unacceptable.

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