Finland also gives Nord Stream 2 permission

After Germany, Finland has now given permission for the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. This means that the segment of the pipeline that runs through Finland’s territorial waters – a total of 374 kilometers – can be constructed. This brings the construction of this new pipeline one step closer.

Last week, the Nord Stream 2 company also acquired all necessary permits in Germany. The new gas pipeline from Russia to Germany covers German territory for a total of 85 kilometers, of which about 30 kilometers onshore and little over 50 kilometers offshore.

Nord Stream 2

With the permission of both Germany and Finland, the realization of this new pipeline is a step closer, but before the project can be built in its entirety, agreements must also be made with Sweden and Denmark. According to the company behind Nord Stream 2, this procedure is proceeding according to plan in both countries, even though other countries are trying to put pressure on Denmark to stop or delay the project.

The Nord Stream 2 is an extension of the existing Nord Stream pipeline, which doubles the transport capacity from 55 to 110 billion cubic meters of natural gas on an annual basis. The project is estimated to cost € 9.5 billion and is an initiative of Russian Gazprom (50%) and five European energy companies (together 50%). Proponents of the project say that this new pipeline is needed to secure the future supply of natural gas to Europe. Opponents fear an even greater dependence on Russian natural gas.

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