Eric Mecking

Eric Mecking is a historian, a graduate of the University of Amsterdam and above all a stock market expert, financial-economic analyst, advisor and speaker.

Eric is specialized in financial economics and cyclical thinking. He looks at the economy from a historical viewpoint, so his field of vision extends far beyond that of many bankers or economists. Moreover, like no other he knows how to connect the past with the present and how to extrapolate into the future. Central to this are the three big D’s: Deflation, Demography and Depression.

Based on years of research, he developed a unique investment model – Trend Tracker – in which trends and cycles are the most important factors. With his model he successfully trades on the stock exchange: bonds, equities, currencies and commodities.

In recent years he has been interviewed several times by daily and weekly newspapers such as De Telegraaf, De Volkskrant, Haarlems Dagblad, Reformatorisch Dagblad, METRO, Actueel, Nieuwe Revu, Pitch and radio shows such as: BNR Nieuwsradio, Met het oog op morgen, TROS Nieuwsshow and OBA Live. He also performed in television programs: NOVA, VPRO Books, Rondom 10 and RTL-Z.

As a speaker he performed for: ROBECO, ABN AMRO, FNV, VU, IG, HCC beleggen, Today’s Groep, Studium Generale Fryslan, Solvay, ABeos and Monday.

He has also written various articles in books, newspapers and magazines, is a regular contributor to Epoque Magazine and wrote the books:

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