Bloggers not allowed to enter United Kingdom because of ‘racism’

Political activists Brittany Pettibone en Lauren Southern were held at the UK border, supposedly for ‘racism’ and ‘hate speech’ on social media. Both bloggers have more than 100.000 followers on twitter and have their own channel on Youtube, where they discuss a range of topics about the society.

Pettybone and her friend Martin Sellner were held and questioned in a detention facility at Heathrow Airport in London. Three days later they were set free, but were still not allowed to enter the country. They took a flight to Austria, where they discussed the events in an interview with Tommy Robinson.

Today Lauren Southern was held after arriving in Calais. She was being questioned for six hours and got a permanent ban from entering the UK. According to the terrorism act, she was found guilty of ‘racism’. Lately she made a documentary in about hatred and violence against white people in South-Africa. Just als Pettibone, she is also very critical about the issue of migration.

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