Advisor Putin: “Russia prepared for disconnection of the Internet”

Russia is fully prepared for a possible attempt by the West to shut down the country from the internet. That’s what an important adviser of Putin said in an interview that was broadcast last Monday. German Klimenko, advisor to the Kremlin on internet matters, has already warned about the danger that Russia could be completely shut down from the worldwide web and that therefore preparations had to be made.

In an interview with the Russian public broadcaster, Klimenko said that a lot of work has been done lately on a special Russian segment of the internet that is behind a firewall. He also said that in recent years Russia has developed software for search engines, social media and advertising campaigns on the internet.

“Yes, you can press a button and a country except, but technically we are ready for it, even if they declare war on us there is no evidence that we would not be able to continue normal life.”

Cyber ​​security

Emerging economic powers like China and Russia know how important it is to have a fully-fledged infrastructure on the worldwide web, so that daily (digital) life can continue. It is also of strategic importance to store information from individuals and companies in their own country and not to hand it over to companies that you can not trust in extreme scenarios.

In China, it is already common for companies to store their data in their own country, just like in Russia. Last year we wrote on Geotrendlines about the plans of Russia to set up their own internet for BRICS countries, by setting up their own network of DNS servers. These servers link domain names to IP addresses and provide a usable internet in which all websites are easy to find.

Last year, Russia carried out a number of tests showing that their internet access is still highly dependent on systems from US companies. The Russian president Putin then set a deadline of August 1, 2018 for an ‘own internet’ that can function entirely independently.

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